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Responding to the widespread need for sustainable medical sector training, the EU funded project VIPROM – Victim Protection in Medicine – Exploiting practical knowledge of medical staff to enhance the multi-professional contact with victims of domestic violence, will develop curricula on domestic violence tailored to the medical profession groups such as physicians, nurses, midwives, dentists, and students (dentistry, medicine, midwive sciences, nursing) in close cooperation with medical faculties, hospitals, research organisations, medical educators and victim protection organisations in Austria, Germany, Greece, Italy and Sweden. The goal is to provide sustainable, organisationally embedded, and institutionally recognised training for professionals from different medical fields. Train-the-trainer programs will be conducted so that the curricula developed in VIPROM can be implemented in pilot trainings in each of the stakeholder groups with high quality.

Project Impacts

Impact on health care sector

VIPROM increases the professional and practical knowledge and competences of medical doctors, nurses, midwives, dentists, and medical students as well as other medical professional groups like physiotherapists.

VIPROM has an immediate impact by equipping professionals with readily applicable knowledge/skills on how to support victims through the development and implementation of tailored training curricula.

VIPROM provides practitioners with the knowledge on how to raise the profile of their work and the visibility of victim’s support.

VIPROM has a positive impact on the organisational level as each of the trained persons carries this knowledge into their respective organisation, serving as “champions” and internal competence nodes, facilitating training courses and raising awareness for their work.

VIPROM creates opportunities for medical professionals to share the acquired knowledge within the organisation beyond the project period, thereby ensuring a sustainable long-term impact.

Impact on medical education sector

VIPROM raises awareness of domestic violence among students, which in the long run can positively influence the personal willingness to engage in further education and advocacy in later career stage.

VIPROM increases medical students’ feelings of confidence and competence to support potential victims of domestic violence and understand better the associated legal framework and further support options.

Impact on victims of domestic violence: Individual level

VIPROM has an immediate impact on how well victims of domestic violence will feel supported.

Impact on victims of domestic violence: Societal level

VIPROM strengthens pan-European standards in the medical care and support of victims of domestic violence.

VIPROM impacts on the rights of victims of domestic violence to receive the best health care by trained and knowledgeable professionals, independent of the EU country in which they live.

VIPROM contributes to the promotion and advancement of EU principles set for example in Article 34 and 35 (right to social assistance and healthcare) of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU.

Impact on Europe’s innovation capacity and integration of knowledge

VIPROM consolidates standardised knowledge on appropriate care and support for victims of domestic violence.

VIPROM provides a final product that transcends national and disciplinary borders.

VIPROM impacts the state of knowledge on medical victims’ support in a manner that is sustainable beyond the duration of the project.

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